AWARE-Light is available in both a stable version and a beta version. The beta version is a continuation of the stable version, and has the latest developments and features, which are still undergoing development and/or testing. If you just want to run a study as reliably as possible, use the stable version if it suffices. Otherwise, use the beta version if it has any new features you would like to try or if you would like to help with our beta testing efforts.

Stable Version (4.0.821.light.bundle)

Beta Version (4.1.1.beta)


  • Some instances of data collection (certain phones) might end up with duplicate data records, in that there can be more than one sensor table record with the same device_id and timestamp. When processing/cleaning your data, check to ensure the uniqueness of each (device_id, timestamp) pair.
  • If you are having trouble installing an APK file, head to Support or Contact and let us know.